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What Is An Secret Agreement

Over the years, the United Nations has developed a comprehensive contract registration system, which is described in detail in its Practice Directory and Contracts Manual. [31] From December 1946 to July 2013, the United Nations Secretariat registered more than 200,000 treaties published in the United Nations Treaty Series pursuant to Article 102 of the Charter of the United Nations. [32] Nevertheless, today, “a significant number of treaties are not registered, mainly for practical reasons, such as the administrative or ephemeral charter of certain treaties.” [33] Unregistered contracts are not necessarily secret, as they are often published elsewhere. [31] Secrets are an important factor in a company`s success. Look at companies like Coca-Cola and KFC that are based on a formula and recipe that has remained secret for 100 years. Non-competing agreements are very useful as a complement to secrecy. First, the table reveals the existence of 61 classified agreements. This figure almost certainly represents only a part of the total number of persons employed during the period under review. One reason for this is that the State Department has (naturally) refused to provide information about agreements whose existence is considered secret. A second reason is that, as Curtis Bradley and Jack Goldsmith explained, “the executive branch has not organized itself internally to ensure that all agreements are filed in a central location of the State Department.” The Business Act requires any administrative authority that enters into an international agreement to submit the text to the State Department within 20 days, but Bradley and Goldsmith suggested that agencies “often” violate that requirement.

The combined effect of these conditions is that the results of the FOIA are likely to represent at most the number of international agreements whose content is classified, but whose existence is both unclassified and currently known to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Depending on the common nature of the agreements classifying the existence and extent of non-compliance with the case-law by the agencies, the results could represent only a tiny fraction of all classified agreements concluded between 1994 and 2018. .

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