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Westjet Flight Attendant Collective Agreement

Over the past year, women around the world have come forward in increasing numbers with stories of harassment in the workplace. As a union, we believe it doesn`t take too much to go to work without fear of harassment or sexual harassment that could occur there. Unifor`s collective agreements negotiate clear anti-harassment language and due process for workers exposed to harassment and discrimination. Many unions do, but Unifor goes even further to stand up for women in the workplace. The Calgary-born airline says the agreement with WestJet Encore pilots will be submitted to the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) for ratification. WestJet did not disclose details of the deal. The trip owes its success to numerous individual interviews and meetups at the airport between flights and at any time of the day and night between the organizers and cabin crew curious to know what CUPE has to offer. And considerable effort has gone into reaching out to potential new members via their phones via social media and weekly email updates. In Canada, we are fortunate to have fairly decent labour laws compared to many countries. They could certainly be better, but we have laws that govern things like health and safety, overtime, overtime, leave, paid leave and more. But these laws are only the ability to enforce them.

With a union, labour laws are part of your collective agreement. This means that you can, through your union, redress any violations of the law, including filing a complaint about the problem, if necessary. WestJet workers continue to see jobs moving to the counter as the company looks to enter new markets with a very low-cost carrier, Swoop. WestJet workers were rightly concerned about what such measures meant for their work and the life they built for their families. Unifor members of other airlines have faced the same problem, negotiating collective agreements to protect their jobs. A mass email CUPE sent to flight attendants read, “Congratulations, we did it!!!.” The recent changes announced at WestJet have shown how valuable it is to have a collective agreement. WestJet Onex workers must ensure they protect themselves from further changes in the future by joining Unifor and negotiating their terms and conditions of employment. These are stressful days for our sisters and brothers who work on board as flight attendants and pilots. Ethiopian Air`s Boeing 737 Max 8 last week crashed 157 people, including 18 Canadians. Unifor is expressing its condolences to all the victims of the accident – including families, development workers, climate activists on their way to a conference and the crew – and their families.

This tragic accident causes chaos at airports as flights are cancelled and passengers are offered new flights as the 737 Max is taken out of service – all during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year and inevitably adds to the stress of your work. .

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