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Tenancy Agreement Washington State

It is important that you read a lease carefully before signing it. This is a legally binding contract and you can be bound by all rental conditions once you have signed the document, as long as they are not contrary to national or local legislation. Monthly leases do not have specific deadlines. The lease continues until either party issues 20 days` written notice before the rent expires. New laws in Bellingham and Vancouver require landlords to notify tenants of 60 days in writing to terminate the lease. (Tenants living in these cities can continue to terminate their lease with a period of only 20 days). In some cases, Seattle landlords must give tenants written notice more than 20 days prior to termination. Seattle landlords can only terminate a lease for one of the 18 reasons Seattle mentions as “just cause.” Read seattles Just Cause Eviction Ordinance for more information…

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