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Sole Distributor Agreement Malaysia

D. Sub-agents. The distributor may instruct sub-representatives, negotiators, sub-representatives or other persons to act on behalf of the distributor or to fulfil any other of the distributor`s obligations under this Agreement in the territory; provided that (i) any compensation to such sub-representative, negotiator, sub-representative or any other person acting on behalf of the distributor or otherwise performing the distributor`s obligations is the sole responsibility of the distributor and (ii) such appointment does not deprive the company of the essential rights to which it is entitled under this Agreement. Any agreement with such sub-agent, sub-dispatcher, sub-representative or any other person shall not extend beyond the term of this Agreement. The types of distribution agreements are as follows: g. Global agreement. This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the Parties with respect to the proposed transactions and supersedes all prior written and oral agreements as well as all concurrent oral agreements relating to such transactions. Among the issues to be taken into account in a distribution agreement are: in an exclusive distribution agreement, the supplier instructs the distributor to market its products in a specific area defined in the agreement. e. The Performance of this Distribution Agreement by the Company and the performance of its obligations and obligations under this Agreement are not contrary to and are not contrary to any agreement in which it participates or is otherwise bound, and the Company produces and sells the products listed in Section 1.c below (the “Products”). The Distributor wishes to purchase the Products from the Company for resale in the areas or geographical areas defined in Section 1.b (the “Zone”).

The Company wishes to appoint the Distributor as its exclusive distributor of the Products in the Territory, and the Distributor wishes such an appointment, subject to the conditions set out in this Agreement, including any exhibitions or schedules attached. Distributor agrees that it will carefully perform the services and obligations described in this Agreement. The distributor`s business is subject to its exclusive control, including, but not limited to, monitoring and liability for personnel costs. The distributor will do everything in his power to market the products in the territory. A. Exclusive appointment. Subject to the terms of this Distribution Agreement, the Company appoints and grants the Distributor the exclusive right to sell and market the Products to customers in the Territory (the “Customers”) and to provide other services as distributors to the Company, as set forth above. The distributor limits its activities relating to the products to customers in the region and refrains from selling or transferring the products to persons outside the territory, directly or indirectly, without the express written consent of the company. The company may not sell or deliver the products in the territory, directly or indirectly, except through sale through the distributor, and the company may not, for any reason, contact the distributor`s customers without the prior written permission of the company. . .


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