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Collaborative Practice Agreement Louisiana

The treatment plan should be discussed with the patient, as well as a follow-up plan. Prescriptions written by nurses in Louisiana must include not only the name of the NP, but also the name, address, and phone number of the cooperating physician. To maintain prescribing capacity, nurses working in Louisiana must receive six hours of continuing education in pharmacology each year in their area of expertise. Training location or location: a site identified in a CPA or in any other documentation submitted by the APRN to the LSBN, where a CP or APRN operates a collaborative practice. A hospital and its clinics, an ambulatory surgery centre, a nursing home, any establishment or office authorized and regulated by the HTA, and a group or individual physician`s practice with more than one physical location, are considered sites within the meaning of this definition. If the nurse prescribes controlled substances, an addendum to the cooperation agreement is required, which specifically addresses this prescribing capacity. The Louisiana State Board of Nursing makes available the Common Practice Agreement, which is to be signed by NP and MD. In Louisiana, the cooperating physician is not required to practice on site or at a certain distance from the nurse. However, the cooperating physician must be reachable by telephone or other method of communication to consult the NP at any time if necessary. Agreement on common practice is necessary to outline this agreement. A back-up secondary doctor may also be appointed if the cooperating senior doctor cannot be contacted. If the NP is unable to obtain a cooperative MD, the Louisiana Nurse Practice Act prohibits the nurse from prescribing for that period.

States are increasingly adopting laws that give nurses greater freedom in their practice. Some legislators. A cooperation agreement is necessary and contains parameters agreed by the NP and the nursing physician. The agreement must include the availability of the cooperating doctor for consultations and / or transfers, management methods and coverage of care in the absence of the doctor. The. Code Admin.46-XLVII.4513 Advanced Practice Registered Nurse or APRN-a registered nurse, the nurse registered as an advanced practice by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing. The rules for nurses prescribing controlled substances in Louisiana are strict.. .

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