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Ba Reach Agreement

In a statement, BA said: “This is an incredibly difficult time for everyone at British Airways and we are grateful to Balpa and our air operations team for the work they have done to reach this agreement and save hundreds of jobs. The MFU`s communication to its members states: “Throughout the consultation period, the MFU has requested joint negotiations with BASSA to ensure a fair and equitable position for all members joining the new fleet. This request was rejected and, more recently, your collaborators learned that a formal proposal from BASSA had been submitted as part of the damage reduction. [if approved] it will mean that there will be no need to issue new contracts, there will be changes to existing contracts,” he said. As part of the job protection programme, the government funds 80% of a person`s salary limited to a maximum of £2500 per month. But the Unite union said there would be no revenue cap as part of its deal with BA. “The financial results show the huge challenge British Airways faces, as it faces the effects of the global pandemic and state travel bans, significantly reducing travel demand.

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