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Washer And Dryer Rental Agreement

Not if the device is included in the rental agreement. And yes, no matter what the owner`s name is, you have a lease. Even if it`s one month to the next. And the owner should also stop his contract every month. It`s an old thread, but I have a new question… our rental agreement says that all appliances are on the convenience of tenants, BUT, of course, the last tenants expected that we repair them. We said no. Now they`ve moved out, and we`ve got a broken fridge and a broken washing machine. I think it`s a nice advantage to offer them (and it`s a tenant market), but how do you tell them it`s their responsibility to replace or repair them??? They will be brand new, and I expect them to work for at least a few years.

(We found a new refrigerator for $250 and a new washing machine for $300. We have had mixed results with used devices.) Not sure how the property management company will handle the dishwasher requested and then returned. I see them saying, well, you asked for it, and now you`ve had it. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens when you don`t put too much thought into something. On the other hand, the lease might mention something about the withdrawal of the unit. Without seeing him, I can`t say. In my opinion, what really happened is that you are probably now known as the “neck pain” tenant. So I doubt they`ll be in a hurry to go there and remove the dishwasher for you.

A fair compromise would be to say — I will keep the dishwasher here without using it until you can get it, but I should not have to pay the monthly fee as soon as I am told I did not want it. Unless the lease says otherwise. I refuse to provide a washing machine and a tumble dryer. However, I did a complete inventory of washing machines, tumble dryers, ovens, frying, etc. So if a tenant moves in and needs a washing machine or a tumble dryer, I allow them to buy one of me in my inventory. I sell them for $75 each, I supply the pipes, the ventilation lines, etc. and I make the connection. That way, I know it`s well done and I don`t have to worry about a flooded cellar. There are a few extra dollars in my pocket for the devices I received for free (I mostly get all my devices for free… Being in the right place at the right time helps).

I do not include appliances in my lower final rents. Tenants have no respect for them, so they can provide their own.

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