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Qualtrics Business Associate Agreement

Butler University is not HIPAA Covered Entity and therefore cannot sign a HIPAA Business Association agreement with Qualtrics. For more information on the facilities covered, please contact the U.S. Department of Health and Health Services. A click-through contract is a contract, and the university can be held responsible under the contract. Click Through licensing agreements that users must “accept” before using software are governed by the same principles as contracts concluded in another way, which means that click-through agreements are legally binding contracts. When a university staff member enters into such an agreement, they do so on behalf of the university. Therefore, the university as a whole (not just the worker) can be bound by the agreement of that employee and be held responsible thereafter. These click-through agreements may also violate the university`s guidelines and practices regarding contract review, unlimited liability and jurisdiction over existing state laws. According to university policy, the OGC must review any contract that is not in the university`s standard contract library. Social security numbers should only be used if required by law or if they are essential to university processes. If you need to use SSNs, it is best that you use institutional resources designed to process this data, z.B.

Data Warehouse. Information Insurance (AI) can help you explore appropriate storage sites or work with you to encrypt data accordingly if these alternatives don`t work for you. (Contact AI via the ITS service center.) Qualtrics` security statement is defined here. For more information or other questions regarding Qualtrics` security, please contact support@qualtrics.com or call 800-340-9194. U-M`s agreement with Qualtrics includes a Business Associate Agreement. This means that individuals can use this service to provide PROTECTed Health Information (PHI) regulated by HIPAA. Meeting HIPAA`s requirements is a shared responsibility. Users who share and store PHIs in Qualtrics are responsible for complying with HIPAA security measures, including: Yes, our Qualtrics license contains a HIPAA associate agreement. Click-through agreements can also grant the software company ownership of your (and therefore university data). Most third-party hosted sites claim to have content on their site. Not only would this mean the loss of valuable intellectual property for individuals and the university, but it could also be contrary to the Minnesota Government Management Practices Act or the Federal Education and Privacy Act. In addition, users should avoid excessive use of the Qualtrics Mailer.

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