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Maternity Leave Employment Agreement

You can use the maternity allowance calculator on GOV.UK. The remuneration provided in the employment contract is called “extended maternity allowance” or “contractual” when it is above the legal minimum for the maternity allowance. Learn more about pregnancy and discrimination in maternity (PDF, 524KB, 25 pages). While workers are on maternity leave, they continue to be admitted into traffic through internal training, vacancies, social events and other means of ensuring that they are not affected by leave. But it is up to them to get involved. Leave during maternity leave It is risky to prevent workers who refer to leave taken when the end of the year of leave ends during their maternity leave, because the law is not clear in this regard. First, performance-related bonuses are distinguished, as opposed to bonuses paid for current employee status. Under EU law, premiums to be paid for current worker status would not be considered a `salary` under the Pregnancy and Maternity Directive and should be paid in full to the worker. For gender reasons, it would be discriminatory to withhold such a bonus for workers who are on maternity or additional maternity leave. If workers take AML, they may return to the same job. In this case, they must be offered appropriate and alternative jobs. Employees who only accept the OML must always return to the same workplace, unless a redundancy situation has occurred.

At least 11 weeks before the child`s week of birth, maternity leave may be taken (unless the child is born early). Workers must take at least 2 weeks of maternity leave after birth. If the worker is a factory worker, 4 weeks of maternity leave must be taken after birth. Although a worker`s right to pay maternity leave ceases when the contract expires, this does not affect the worker`s right to the full 26 weeks of the state maternity allowance. Maternity allowance begins as soon as your employee begins maternity leave. Under maternity protection legislation from 1994 to 2004, workers on additional maternity or maternity leave are entitled to all rights, as if they were still in the workplace, with a right to pay. Learn more about the maternity allowance for temporary workers. If a redundancy situation involves a woman on maternity leave, ask a lawyer if she would like to offer an appropriate alternative job, as this may be a difficult area. When a worker on maternity leave receives a salary increase, his PMS must be adjusted retroactively as if the increase had been in effect at the time of the first salary calculation.

Maternity leave is divided into six months of “ordinary maternity leave” (OML) and six months of “additional maternity leave” (AML). There is no minimum service requirement. If the employee`s child is born on April 5, 2015 and she and her partner qualify, the employee may receive joint parental leave instead of taking the OML and AML completely.

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