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Lease Agreement With Furniture

1. The landlord heresafterly rents the furnished premises described above for a term – beginning – end – with a monthly rate of________________. 6. PREMISES UTILISATION: The tenant agrees and understands that rented dwellings can only be used as private housing and for no other purpose. In addition, the tenant has agreed and understands that no PETS of any kind is allowed in the rented premises. Failure to comply with this paragraph results in the immediate evacuation without notice and the forfeiture of all rents and deposits paid in advance. The tenant will maintain the premises in good condition for the duration of this contract and will not be able to cause or authorize an abuse of the facilities mentioned in the office and, at the end or expiry of these premises, the property will be returned in a condition as good as at the beginning of the period of validity, or with the exception of appropriate wear and tear during the life. The tenant bears the cost of replacing any lost or damaged keys. Without the landlord`s written consent, the tenant must not make or make any modifications, modifications, modifications or sustainability elements to the building`s construction requirements.

All personal property placed by the tenant in or on the rented premises is at the risk of the tenant or the parties who own them and the landlord is in no way responsible for the loss or deterioration of such a property. 7. LESSOR RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES: OWNER, or its representative, has the right to enter the rented premises at all appropriate times to examine them and/or to prove them to tenants or potential buyers, to make reasonable repairs and modifications that the lessor deems necessary for the maintenance of the rented building or building, and to remove any modification, complement, device and other objects that may be installed or constructed in violation of the conditions provided by this agreement. The owner will keep the premises in a habitable state and will be responsible for repairs to the premises, with the exception of minor repairs by the tenant. It is agreed and understood that the owner, his representatives and staff will not be held responsible to any person for any damage of any kind, which may occur at any time due to a defect in the rented premises, the building in which the leased premises are located, or the improvements made to it, whether this defect exists or occurs later at the time of the execution of the lease agreement and that the defect is known or unknown at the time of that damage or damage, or for damage caused by fire, wind, rain or other reasons, all claims for such damage and damage having been expressly issued by the tenant. The owner is not responsible or responsible for accidents or damage to cars, people or other appliances or people who use parking on the rented property. The landlord`s refusal to insist on strict compliance with the terms, pacts and agreements should not be construed as a waiver or waiver of the landlord`s right to impose such a clause, such an alliance or such condition, but the same thing will remain whole and effective. Property taxes on rented premises are paid by the owner.

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