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Flying Club Operating Agreement

Thanks, I asked for feedback on everything I may have missed, all the data in the “sharing” of planes that I might have overlooked. I have already entered into aeronautical partnership agreements, but they were for real partners; I also prepared rental contracts, but it was for rent. Often, non-legal Cognoscenti understand what we lack office jock√© when it comes to a particular topic. Chrixxer listens, but he doesn`t hear. He buys an M20E from Jerry P. for $27,000 on eBay, then insures it for US$45,000 and expects to immediately put it from several zero equity operators in a heavy IFR service to cover the costs. He is also an aviation lawyer, but in any case he asks for feedback from the laity on an operating contract that he has drawn up, and then he ignores any practical advice he receives and with which he disagrees. I`m really sorry to say, but I don`t see that this ending ends well. There are guys at my airport, I want to help a little, and they`re helping my Mooney a little bit. (Airplanes like to fly, don`t sit…) (Even other drivers who enter the pot, help at least the fixed costs, insurance / ties / per year, etc.) defuse. The idea is that it will be my plane, in the possession of an LLC of which I will be the manager.

The other pilots (two, maybe three; two of them are CFIs (one has a ton of time in his father`s ovation), one is a conscientious guy who completes his instrument evaluation) will be a member of the LLC and, if I did not give the plane, it can fly, regardless of operating costs per hour, dry (budgeting 150 hours/year, construction in maintenance reserve, engine reserve, accessory reserves, etc.). Some kind of little flying club. (These guys all want to build hours, and it will be a cost-effective way to do it. The idea is to break roughly evenly, plus keep the moving parts driven.) Jerry swears that the plane flies regularly and offered to fly himself “somewhere east or west of the Mississippi.” There was a belly-in, but the damage was minimal (two abdominal panels replaced with the accessory and an IRAN deep on the engine). We will relieve them, and the company will be sitting on cash reserves at least the first year, until I know pretty much what kind of companion it will be. (After: Moar Avionik!! With all due respect to everyone here, Chrixxer (which is your name…) is an aviation lawyer. Come on people, that`s his job. If he is not able to write a legally binding company contract, who can do it? Like other parts of the body, everyone has an opinion, and that is just an opinion that is not a fact. What works for one may not work for the other. Leave this guy alone, and whatever he decides, it`s his choice. If this works, partnerships of any kind can be dissolved, otherwise otherwise.

-all purchase and operating costs equally between members (partners) This type of enterprise agreement generally determines how the members of the group should maintain and use the aircraft belonging to the club.

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