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Was Bedeutet Agreement

Coalition agreement: … Closure, coalition agreement: 1) French coalition agreement: 1) Swedish coalition treaty: 1)… Agreement:… meetings, signatures formation of words: translations into English agreement: agreement, French arrangement: Italian (male) agreement:… “ERVIA has signed an agreement with the Norwegian Equinor on research on Ireland`s potential to benefit from carbon capture and storage.” Independent.ie, 06 September 2019 Congruence: Triangle Derivative Words: Conruenzsatz English Translations: 1a) Treaty, Concorde; 2) French Congruity: 1a) Latin agreement: 1) Swedish congruentia: Kongruens Similar terms: competition, kookkurrenz “The negotiations on beef ended with an agreement. But what is crucial is that the agreement will not come into force until all the protests and blockades in the meat factories are over. RTE, September 15, 2019 “Mango announced on Friday that it had finally reached an agreement with the fleet maintenance group. Fin24.com, 02 October 2020 Contract: … (mij`a:q (one)) (man) Basque: 1) itun English: 1) Agreement , contract , Finnish pact: 1) French sopimus:… Ukraine has signed an agreement with pro-Russian separatists that allows local elections to be held in separatist areas in eastern Ukraine. It could pave the way for further peace talks. Deutsche Welle, 01 October 2019 International is the word agreement synonymous with agreement (English treaty), convention (English convention), convention (English international treaty), or the gentlemen`s agreement legally binding. Sales contract: French sales contract: 1) Italian sales contract: 1) contractto di compravendita Croatian: 1) Russian kupoprodaja: 1) 1) Spanish ko-peavtal: 1) contracto de compraventa “Die NHL Players` Association hat, that the union will not reopen the current collective agreement after the 2019/20 season to avoid a possible lockout next September.” CBC, September 16, 2019 “The expected bilateral trade agreement between Japan and the United States favours Japan over the so-called TPP agreement.” Japan Times, 24.

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