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Madrid Agreement Fees

The following taxes are due in lieu of additional taxes when the following parts are designated under the protocol (see Tax Regulations, Points 2.4, 3.4, 5.3 and 6.4): Taxes payable on an international registration application under the Madrid system include: For a list of contracting parties that charge the application fee and pass it on to WIPO, see the parties` statements to the Madrid system (declaration (m) [rule 34.2)). In theory, royalties are paid directly to WIPO Geneva in Swiss francs and most countries also require applicants to pay an additional processing fee. There are different pricing structures in the system, which are: To submit an international application, you must have already registered or applied to your IP Access Office “Home. Learn more about the process, including your permission to use the Madrid system, how to complete your application form, the fees charged and how to track the status of your application as it moves through the review process. All payments are made in Swiss francs (CHF). You are responsible for any additional fees charged by your bank or intermediary bank. Credit card payments are only available for the payment of fees: the amount paid in additional and additional fees is distributed among Member States in relation to the number of denominations they make and distributed among Member States. The other type of tax is only included in the protocol known as the individual tax. This type of tax applies to the designation of each designated contractor for whom an individual tax must be paid. [3] The Madrid system is a practical and economical solution for registering and managing brands worldwide. Submit a single application and pay a certain number of taxes to apply for protection in up to 123 countries.

Change, renew or expand your global brand portfolio with a central system. The taxes payable for an international registration are: (i) the basic tax (increased if the mark is in colour or if the trademark application covers more than three categories of goods/services); and (ii) the individual levy for each designated country (which is increased if there are more services).

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