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Discovery Project Funding Agreement

A2.2 We offer additional salary and project funding for Australian Fellowship Scholarships, as described in Table 2. The salary supplement and project funding are not allocated separately. Its three working groups on funding mechanisms, ICT policy and regulation, as well as cybersecurity. Experts from North America and Europe. D3.9 At the time of the start of the grant and during the period of ICR participation in the project, the IC must meet at least one of the following criteria: C2.5 The use of DECRA compensation funding for other project purposes does not waive the ceilings applicable to the grant budget items. 9.1.1 An IC or fellow funded through the Discovery Researcher Indigenouss Development or Australian Laureate Fellowships or Personal Centre programs, funded under the ARC Research Centres program, can only be funded simultaneously for up to two projects under these programs and the program. If both projects are funded through the Discovery Projects program, only one can be the ONLY. 11.8. You and each participant in the project research are required to comply with all relevant laws and regulations. In particular, you must certify in your application that you meet the following requirements. Funding Discovery Projects for funding from 2012, specialized computer equipment and software essential to the project; D6.1 In addition to the requirements of Section 8, you should include in your application information on why a DAATSIA would improve the quality of the project and explain in detail how the additional research time would be used (for example. B sustainable field research, archival research or laboratory work). E1.5 This opportunity will provide funding for the Discovery International Awards, which will help CNIS work abroad with a foreign-based IP and/or IP based abroad to work on the project in Australia.

13.9. The final report must look at compliance with the conditions under which the funding was granted, as stipulated in the grant agreement. A4.1 Grants may be allocated to activities set out in these guidelines and in the grant agreement, including: a CRA fundraising application, approved by the Minister. D7.2 If a DAATSIA or IC is no longer able to function as planned for the project at any time, the project may be continued, provided that the project has at least one IC listed on the application and that each replacement IC meets the IC eligibility criteria. We must approve these changes through a single variant. (a) the number of DEIFOVERY Program CI or ARC roles that the individual will give to active projects on the relevant active evaluation date; 11.21. The grant offer indicates the amount approved for this project or, as we do, according to the grant agreement.

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