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Cn Tcrc Agreement

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA – Canadian National (CN) and Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) have reached an interim agreement to renew the collective agreement of more than 3,200 CN chiefs, train attendants and shipyard workers. During the negotiations, the company attempted to remove the collective agreement from its rest plans, while increasing the workload of conductors. The union prevented that. “We didn`t get everything we wanted, but we always reached a fair agreement that keeps trains running while improving rail safety. This is good news for our members, the company and all Canadians,” said Teamsters Canada National President Francois Laporte. Mike Cory, CN`s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, said, “This new contract underscores CN`s commitment to working with our employees and their representatives to resolve workplace issues in a mutually beneficial manner. CN is very pleased to have reached this preliminary agreement with TCRC without interruption, and we look forward to working together as we continue to serve our customers and the Canadian economy. “I am pleased to announce that we have reached a preliminary agreement with CN,” said Teamsters Canada President Francois Laporte. “I want to thank our members for their courage and solidarity. I would also like to thank all the local teamster unions in different sectors, all the labour organisations and the members of the public who supported us on the picket line. The new collective agreement expires on July 22, 2022.

According to the TCRC, the interim agreement must now be ratified by teamster members by a confidential electronic vote. Before the voting deadline expires, union meetings are held across the country to explain the terms of the agreement to members. Roland Hackl, Vice-President of the TCRC, said: “This agreement represents the joint efforts of the Chair and our entire committee on behalf of our members. Our CN members recognize the importance of CN`s contribution to the Canadian economy and the customers we serve. We are confident that this agreement will benefit our members, KN, and all those who rely on the railways. The agreement provides for the start and end of positions in the employee`s locker facility or at another agreed location to determine when the workers are on time. Previously, the company counted trips to Denern as downtime, which significantly reduced sleep time.

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