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Aggregator Agreement Draft

No. 1, Service Contract 457 (NCPA MSS Aggregator Agreement) Section 7.5, Docket-Nr. ER02-2321-003 (filed Sept. In the case of paragraph 3.1.1, you are only responsible for the entry into force of a numerator-operator agreement, a data aggregator agreement and a data collection agreement if we ask you to enter into a contract with the agent concerned or if you have the opportunity to enter into a contract with these agents and we approve them. If the taxes in the notice remain unpaid after the 7-day period has expired, PG-E has the right to terminate the aggregator contract and the aggregator`s participation in CBP. . A contract distributor must have a master services contract (hereafter referred to as “MSC”) and an MSC B, Marketer/Core Aggregator/Use or Pay Aggregator Agreement (form no.

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